I am a dedicated Catholic educator, currently in my eighth year of teaching, coaching and community building at Brebeuf College school in Toronto, Ontario.  It is a blessed time for me.  I am excited by my vocation, both for the vibrant community  in which I  am an active participant , and the learning opportunities and experiences that are granted to me as an educator.   I live in a land of abundance, am recently married to a woman I love, with whom we are expecting our first child within weeks.

It is also an exciting time in education; technological developments fly fast and furious, and the possible implications for learning and teaching seem limitless.  Listicles about iPads and apps are bountiful as educators flock to connect withe each other  in the Twittersphere.   I am one of these;   but to discern  the relevance of ideas  in a time of  flux  is not easy. I believe it is by examining the tensions at play in our  classrooms, school systems or communities,  and discussing them that we are best able to find the common good.

This blog is both my considerations of  some of  the issues in 21st century education, as well as a vehicle to exhibit the ways I engage these tensions in my practice.

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